Scentless Plant Bug – Harmostes Species

Scentless Plant Bug

Scentless Plant Bug

The scentless plant bugs (36 north American species) is a small family of predominantly weedy-xeric ground dwellers.

The box elder bug is a member of this family.

Scentless Plant Bug - Harmostes speciesPlant bugs feed on roots of many hosts including trees, shrubs, vines, weeds and many cultivated crops. They may also feed on the stems and foliage when seed are not present.

Both nymph and adult stink bugs pierce plants with their needle-like mouthparts and suck sap from roots, buds, blossoms and seeds.Scentless Plant Bug - Harmostes species

The tarnished plant bug and four-lined plant bug are common sucking pests that attack a variety of bedding and perennial plants.

Scentless Plant Bug - Harmostes species

The daisy and mint families are especially susceptible to attack.

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