State Street Miyabe Maple

State Street Miyabe Maple
Family Aceraceae.
An outstanding specimen tree, featuring crisp, dark green summer foliage, and an upright rounded habit with a wide crown.

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State Street Miyabe Maples
Acer miyabei  'Morton'

"Selected from the collections of the Morton Arboretum, Lisle, Illinois, for its excellent branching character, a uniform broad-pyramidal habit, superior heat/drought tolerance, clean foliage and good yellow fall color. The parent tree, planted at the Morton Arboretum in the 1920s, measures 60' in height with a 50' spread at the base. This selection is a more cold-hardy alternative to A. campestre for northern growing conditions, and a more heat/drought-resistant alternative to A. platanoides for southern growing conditions. Zones 4-8." — from Chicagoland Grows, "State Street Miyabe Maple"

Miyabe Maple is an outstanding specimen tree, featuring crisp, dark green summer foliage, and an appealing upright rounded habit with a wide crown. This tree likes full sun and grows best in moist, well-drained soils. Tolerant of mild drought, prefers slightly acid soil. Relatively short-lived fall color is a spectacular, vibrant butter-yellow to golden-yellow, depending on temperature changes and site conditions. [1]

State Street Miyabe Maple Summer Foliage

Maples are famous for their winged fruits, called samaras (but more commonly called helicopters or whirligigs).
State Street Miyabe Maple Fall Foliage
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Family Aceraceae – Maples
The Maples are some of our most familiar and beloved trees.  Most are native to the far east: China, Japan, Korea, Manchuria. Maples produce a distinctive winged fruit called a samara, also commonly known as helicopters or whirlybirds.
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