Sargent Cherry – Prunus sargentii

Sargent Cherry – Prunus sargentii

color photo Sargent Cherry Prunus sargentiiThis specimen is 24 years old

With good fall color and delicate pink blossoms, Sargent cherry is highly recommended for the home and urban landscape.

color photo Sargent Cherry blossomsGrowing at a moderate rate into a 25 to 40-foot-high, upright-spreading to rounded tree, Sargent cherry makes an ideal shade tree, spreading as wide as it is tall and casting dense shade below.

color photo Sargent Cherry blossoms against blue skyFast-growing and hardy, Sargent cherry offers an outstanding spring floral display and abundant fruit.

In late April or early May the one-inch-wide, pink to deep pink single blooms appear before the new red-tinged leaves unfold. The small, pea-sized fruits which follow are red, ripening to a dark purple in June and July.

Sargent Cherry in fall colorsSargent Cherry has outstanding fall color

Family Rosaceae
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