Rocky Mountain Juniper – Juniperus scopulorum

Rocky Mountain Juniper

Rocky Mountain JuniperRocky Mountain juniper is 27 years old [2]

Rocky Mountain juniper is a long-lived species that can reach 3,000 + years.

Rocky Mountain Juniper foliage

Rocky Mountain juniper is a perennial, evergreen gymnosperm native to North America.

The species grows as a shrub or tree to 30 feet (10 m) or more and has thin, fibrous bark that usually shreds with age.

juniper bark

Rocky Mountain juniper’s close-grained, durable, aromatic wood is used for furniture, interior paneling, fence posts, fuel, and novelties such as chests.

Rocky Mountain juniper, Morton Arboretum acc. 935-80-1, photos by Bruce Marlin

Family Cupressaceae
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