Chinese Obelisk Juniper

Chinese Obelisk Juniper – Juniperus chinensis ‘Obelisk’

Obelisk juniper is an intermediate sized, dense ornamental evergreen

Obelisk Juniper

These cultivated specimens at the Morton Arboretum were started as grafts 45 years ago

Obelisk juniper, a variety of Chinese juniper, is an intermediate sized, dense ornamental evergreen which prefers full sun and well-drained soil. Drought and wind resistant, it is also salt-tolerant. It is used in the landscape as a specimen, screen, or in group plantings. Blue to purple berry-like globular cones persist for two years. Cultivated specimens photographed at the Morton Arboretum, northern Illinois, USA.

Obelisk Juniper berries

Family Cupressaceae Redwood, Cypress, Arborvitae, Juniper
There are thirty (many monotypic) genera and 142 species in the family Cupressaceae, now widely regarded as including the Taxodiaceae, previously treated as a family. The Cupressaceae are found in the fossil record as far back as the Jurassic Period, about 210 million years ago.

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