Snakeskin Maple – Acer grosseri

Snakeskin Maple / Family Aceraceae
Also called snakebark or bigleaf maple, it's grown for its ornamental bark and fall colors. Height:  to 25' Spread: to 25'.  Hardy to Zone: 5-7

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Snakeskin Maple Habit
Acer grosseri

Snakeskin Maple is a medium-sized deciduous tree grown mainly for its ornamental, green-striped bark, yet this charming plant also provide dramatic fall colors, as evidenced by these pictures. White Tigress Maple (Acer tegmentosum) is also called "snakebark maple".

According to – Flora of China, this taxon is a good candidate to be treated as a separate species instead of being listed as a subspecies of Aceri davidii, due chiefly to a differing number of flowers (10-15) per inflorescence, and its geographic distribution [2]. Indeed, the Morton Arboretum accession tag lists this plant as Acer grosseri. USDA GRIN lists Acer grosseri as a synonym of A. davidii. [4] Native to China, it is found in mixed forests at 1000-1600 m. elevation. [2]

Snakeskin Maple Foliage
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Family Aceraceae – Maples
The Maples are some of our most familiar and beloved trees.  Most are native to the far east: China, Japan, Korea, Manchuria. Maples produce a distinctive winged fruit called a samara, also commonly known as helicopters or whirlybirds.
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