American Holly ‘Satyr Hill’

American Holly – Ilex opaca ‘Satyr Hill’
Family Aquifoliaceae – Holly & Winterberry
Named Holly of the year in 2003, this ornamental holly boasts deep green foliage and red berries.

Satyr Hill American Holly Foliage

More than 1,000 cultivars of American holly have been named, although not all have been registered with the International Registration Authority. These do not necessarily represent different forms of Ilex opaca; many were selected because of unusual growth habit, fruit color, size or shape, or degree of leaf spininess.

Satyr Hill American Holly Tree

Because of a good taproot and a prolific lateral root system, young hollies can be transplanted without much difficulty. Transplanting should be done during the dormant season, usually November through March. Small plants may be dug bare-rooted if roots are kept moist, but larger plants should be balled and burlapped. When wild hollies are transplanted from the woods, tops should be severely pruned and most of the remaining leaves removed. Small trees should be allowed to flower before transplanting to ensure the selection of fruit-bearing individuals.

Family Aquifoliaceae – Holly & Winterberry

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