Turczaninov Hornbeam – Carpinus turczaninovii

Turczaninov Hornbeam
Carpinus turczaninovii
Family Betulaceae – Alder, Birch, Hornbeam
Also commonly called Korean Hornbeam.

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Turczaninov Hornbeam foliage

This specimen was started from seed 26 years ago. (The two spindly trunks in the foreground are the subject). I'm not sure if this specimen represents the usual growth habit, as it is essentially located in full shade most of the day. It does not seem to match the UM description, but has been vetted by professional botanists at The Morton Arboretum at Lisle, Illinois, USA.

Korean Hornbeam is a small tree with dense, upright branching. The foliage develops fall color that is a combination of red, orange and yellow. The catkins are about 2 inches long. (University of Michigan Extension). Height: 15 ft Spread: Form: upright.
Annual Growth Rate: less than 12 inches. This rare hornbeam is of intense interest to Bonsai growers.

Turczaninov Hornbeam
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Family Betulaceae – Alder, Birch, Hornbeam
The birches have long been popular ornamental trees in North America, chiefly in the northern United States and Canada. Our specimens include river birch, Dahurian birch, paper birch, Arctic birch, Manchurian birch, Manchurian alder, downy birch, Japanese white birch, and 10 other species.
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