Scots Pine – Pinus sylvestris

Scots Pine – Pinus sylvestris

Scots Pine - Pinus sylvestris

Scots (or “Scotch”) pine is the most widely distributed pine in the world. It grows naturally from Scotland almost to the Pacific Ocean and from above the Arctic Circle in Scandinavia to the Mediterranean.

Scots Pine pine cones

Scotch pine is also the most widely planted pine introduced in North America.

It is the preferred large-volume Christmas tree in the United States.

Approximately 30 percent of the 35 million Christmas trees harvested annually are Scotch pine.

Scots Pine

The elegant Scots pine above and below are part of the original Morton Arboretum plantings, circa 1924.

Scots Pine

Scots pine is adapted to a wide variety of climates as indicated by its extremely large natural range.

It grows in areas with an annual precipitation exceeding 1780 mm (70 in) and in areas with an annual precipitation as little as 200 mm (8 in).

26-year-old Scots Pine

Scots pine has also been used to a large extent in ornamental plantings.

It grows better than red pine on compacted clay soils frequently found around home sites.

Scots pine, various Morton Arboretum specimens photos by Bruce Marlin

Family Pinaceae: Pine, Cedar, Spruce, and Fir

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