Purple Prince Crabapple

Purple Prince Crab – Malus ‘Purple Prince’

Purple Prince Crabapple is 16 years old [2]

Purple Prince crabapple grows to 18 feet, with an equal spread. Red buds open to red-purple flowers to deep maroon fruit. This variety has excellent resistance to rust and powdery mildew, and good resistance to apple scab and fire blight [1].

Seventeen crabapple cultivars planted in 27 communities were evaluated as street trees. In most places, two cultivars were alternated within each of many plots. Cooperators in the Municipal Tree Restoration Program used standardized methods to measure them annually at the end of the growing period for 3 years and periodically afterwards until the ninth year.

Purple Prince Crabapple blossoms

Purple Prince Crabapple Morton Arboretum acc. 49-93*1 & 2, photos by Bruce Marlin

Family Rosaceae
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