Perfect Purple Crabapple

Perfect Purple Crabapple – Malus ‘Coppurple’

Perfect Purple Crabapple blossoms

These pictures speak for themselves. This 3-year-old specimen at the Morton Arboretum sports pink blossoms (sorry I missed them this time) and dark maroon foliage. I will revisit this tree when its in bloom and see how it is faring. This specimen is from A. McGill & Son Nursery (now Arrowhead Ornamentals) of St. Paul, Oregon [3].

Crabapples vary greatly in their shape and size. The mature size of the plant should be considered in your selection. The size of the landscape and the surrounding structures will dictate the plant size for a given space. There are several basic forms to consider: shrub (up to 15 ft. tall) columnar (tall and narrow) horizontal (layered branches, usually wider than tall) oval (taller than wide) upright (25-30′ tall) rounded or spreading (usually somewhat wider than tall) weeping (little variation within the desirable cultivars, all grow to about 15ft.)

Perfect Purple CrabapplePerfect Purple Crabapple [2]


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Family Rosaceae – Rose Family; Fruit Trees
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