Hillspire Juniper – Juniperus virginiana 'Cupressifolia'

Hillspire Juniper
Juniperus virginiana 'Cupressifolia'

Family Cupressaceae

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Hillspire Juniper
These Morton Arboretum specimens are variety 'Cupressifolia', called Hillspire Juniper.
Showing mid-winter dark green foliage, they are nearly 50 years old [1]
Hillspire Juniper foliage
See also: Red Cedar
1. Red cedar, Morton Arboretum acc. 436-61-1, photos © Bruce Marlin

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Family Cupressaceae – Redwood, Cypress, Arborvitae, Juniper
There are thirty (many monotypic) genera and 142 species in the family Cupressaceae, now widely regarded as including the Taxodiaceae, previously treated as a family. The Cupressaceae are found in the fossil record as far back as the Jurassic Period, about 210 million years ago. Cupressaceae Index | Tree Encyclopedia | Trees Index