Silver Spotted Skipper Butterfly

Silver-Spotted Skipper Butterfly – Epargyreus clarus

Silver-Spotted Skipper Butterfly

The Silver-Spotted Skipper Butterfly is a beautiful and fascinating insect that can add a touch of natural beauty to any flower garden.

This species is commonly found throughout the United States and parts of Canada, making it a familiar sight for many flower gardeners.

silver-spotted skipper on bachelor buttons

nectaring on bachelor buttons flowers

The silver-spotted skipper loves flowers of nearly any variety, including milkweed, dogbane, zinnia, bachelor button, thistle and clover.

Silver-Spotted Skipper Butterfly lateral view

Silver-Spotted skippers reach about 20mm body length

Hooked antennae are one characteristic of skipper butterflies.

You will love to have these guys zipping around your flower gardens; in a good year I have had a dozen or more plying their trade amidst my zinnia beds. They are easily the most abundant of all the skippers.

Silver-Spotted Skipper Butterfly

Skipper “puddling” or taking water from damp soil. I’ve seen them feed on everything from bird droppings to coyote scat.

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