Ocola Skipper Butterfly

Ocola Skipper Butterfly – Panoquina ocola

Ocola Skipper Butterfly - Panoquina ocola

Striped abdomen is characteristic of this species

Family: Hesperiidae – Skippers / Subfamily: Hesperiinae – Grass skippers
Live adult skippers photographed at Alpharetta, GA and Cumberland County, NC USA.

Ocola Skipper Butterfly - Panoquina ocola

Skipper butterfly eggs are tiny, usually less than .1mm. Most skipper caterpillars are green and tapered, and the neck appears constricted. The caterpillars weave silk and leaves into a daytime shelter for protection. Most pupate in loosely woven cocoons. The chrysalises are often coated with a powder or bloom. Chrysalis and caterpillars may overwinter.

Ocola SkipperOcola skipper shows diagnostic boomerang-shaped marking


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