Juba Skipper Butterfly

Juba Skipper – Hesperia juba

color photo Juba Skipper - Hesperia juba

Family: Hesperiidae – Skippers / Subfamily: Hesperiinae – Grass skippers
Live adult skippers photographed near Dotsero, Eagle County, Colorado, USA. Size: 15mm

color photo juba skipper lateral view

Juba skippers are abundant in the Colorado Rockies

Juba Skipper ButterflyAs skippers go, this is one is fairly large, and oh boy, can they fly! Take 20 pictures and get 2 or 3 good ones if you are lucky. What fun!

color photo juba skipper dorsal viewHooked antennae are one of the hallmarks of the skipper family of butterflies. Lots of them have green hair too!


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