Hobomok Skipper Butterfly – Poanes hobomok

Hobomok Skipper Butterfly – Poanes hobomok
Family: Hesperiidae – Skipper Butterflies
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Live adult male skipper butterfly photographed at Glen Ellyn, Illinois, USA.

Family Hesperiidae: Skipper Butterflies comprise nearly 3,000 species worldwide, 250 of which call North America home. Roughly one third of North American butterflies belong to this family. Skippers are named for their rapid, erratic flight. Skippers differ from the true butterflies in their proportionately larger bodies, smaller wings, and hooked antennae, among many other structural differences.

Order Lepidoptera, which contains both butterflies and moths, includes at least 125,000 known species including 12,000 in North America. Butterflies are revered for their brightly colored wings and pleasing association with fair weather and flowers.
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