Pygmy Grasshopper – Tetrix arenosa

Pygmy Grasshopper – Tetrix arenosa
Order Orthoptera – Crickets, Grasshoppers & Katydids /
Family: Tetrigidae
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This pygmy grasshopper is one of the few orthopterans to survive the winter here in Illinois

Pygmy Grasshopper - Tetrix arenosa

The pygmy grasshoppers, Orthoptera family Tetrigidae, can be recognized by their long pronotum, which extends far back over the abdomen, ending in a point. These grasshoppers are all less than 20mm long. Most are brown, and a few species have long functional flying wings. Females are larger than males. Adults and nymphs feed on algae and other organic material in wet soil. Also called grouse locusts.

Pygmy Grasshopper - Tetrix arenosa 

This view shows the dorsal and ventral valves of the ovipositor – one sure indication this is a female of the species. Also quite apparent is the long, tapered pronotum extending almost to the tip of the wings.

Hooded Grouse Locust - Paratettix cucullatus
Closely related hooded grouse locust, late-stage nymph. Paratettix cucullatus


  1., Family Tetrigidae – Pygmy Grasshoppers
  2., Pygmy Grasshopper Nymph – Paratettix cucullatus
  3., Pygmy Grasshopper – Tetrix arenosa
Order Orthoptera – Crickets, Grasshoppers & Katydids
There are more than 20,000 species in the order Orthoptera. These diverse insects are found worldwide, although their numbers are concentrated in the tropics.
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