Newman’s Mathildana Moth

Newman’s Mathildana Moth – Mathildana newmanella

color photo Newmans Mathildana Moth


Family Oecophoridae – Concealer Moths
Live adult moth photographed at McKee Marsh Forest Preserve, DuPage County Illinois.
color photo Newmans Mathildana Moth

This moth is approximately 10mm long.  I love the colors. Concealer moth larvae feed concealed inside specially spun webs or tightly rolled & tied leaves of its host plant. There are 42 species in 23 genera in North America [1]. This gorgeous moth is covered with iridescent scales. Concealer moth’s head is smooth-scaled, with upturned labial palps.

color photo Newmans Mathildana Moth

color photo Newmans Mathildana Moth

I’m convinced the white tips of this moth’s antennae are either a signaling device to attract mates, and/or a mimicry of the mitten-waving stilt-legged flies. I’ve only ever encountered this one specimen, so I have not had the opportunity to study them in greater detail.


  1., Family Oecophoridae – Concealer Moths

Order Lepidoptera: Moths. Unlike the butterflies, moths are usually nocturnal. Many moths and their caterpillars are major agricultural pests in large parts of the world. Moths in the family Tineidae are commonly regarded as pests because their larvae eat fabrics, clothes and blankets made from natural fibers such as wool or silk. Moths in the genus Farinalis feed on stored grain, flour, corn meal and other milled grain products.

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