Sharpshooter Nymph – Draeculacephala sp.

Sharpshooter Nymph – Draeculacephala species

Sharpshooter Nymph - Draeculacephala sp.Sharpshooter nymph with Phoretic mite attached

Family Cicadellidae – Leafhoppers
Live adult and nymph sharpshooters photographed at Warrenville, Illinois

Silver Leafhopper, Athysanus argentarius Prototypical sharpshooter with butt bubble: Silver Leafhopper Athysanus argentarius

“Sharpshooter” is one common name for the leafhopper subfamily Cicadellinae. They get this name from their habit of feeding on the watery sap of xylem tissue, which conducts moisture from the roots up to the leaves.

Excess water droplets are forced out the tip of the abdomen with an audible popping noise, hence the common name.


  1., Subfamily Cicadellinae
  2., Sharpshooter Nymph – Draeculacephala sp.

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