March Fly – Dilophus

March Fly – Dilophus orbatus

color photo tiny March Fly Dilopus species

Order Diptera | Family Bibionidae (March Flies)
Live adult March fly photographed at Johns Creek, Georgia, USA. Size =  less than 5mm

color photo tiny March Fly Dilopus species

March Fly Identification: very small to medium-sized flies with robust bodies, usually dark, often with brightly colored thorax. (Univ. Florida–ENY 3005)
  • Body usually black covered with long hair, thorax red or yellow in some genera, such as Plecia
  • Antennae short, placed low on face
  • Ocelli (simple eyes) present
  • Males with large compound eyes
  • Tibiae with prominent apical spurs
  • Pulvilli (pads) present beneath tarsal claws
  • Wings clear or dark, some have dark spot on the anterior margin [1]

Reference: March Fly Dilophus orbatus

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