Syrphid Fly – Eristalis anthophorina

Syrphid Fly – Eristalis anthophorina

Syrphid Fly - Eristalis anthophorina

This rather large fly (15mm) is a convincing bumble bee mimic. Flies in genus Eristalis are characterized by pubescent compound eyes. This is a female specimen.

Eristalis anthophorina
Syrphid flies are routinely used as a biological control in the lettuce fields of California’s vegetable-producing regions, where the fly’s larvae are generally effective in controlling lettuce aphid (Nasonovia ribisnigri). It is primarily the Syrphidae that enable organic romaine growers on California’s central coast to produce harvestable crops.

Syrphidae larvae are, in turn, parasitized by wasps in the Hymenoptera families Ichneumonidae and Pteromalidae.


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