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Flies of North America Index

Deer Fly Eyes

Bee Fly – Aldrichia sp.

Bee Fly – Anthrax sp.

Bee Fly – Bombylius major

Bee Fly – Lepidophora lepidocera

Bee Fly – Poecilanthrax willistonii

Bee Fly – Systoechus vulgaris

Bee Fly – Villa sp

Black Scavenger Fly – Nemopoda nitidula

Blue Blow Fly – Calliphora vicina

Blue Bottle Fly – Calliphora vomitoria

Cluster Fly – Pollenia sp.

Common Green Bottle Fly – Lucilia sericata

Cool Weather Mosquito – Culiseta incidens

Crane Flies – Infraorder Tipulomorpha

Crane Fly – Epiphragma fasciapenne

Crane Fly – Epiphragma solatrix

Crane Fly – Erioptera cana

Crane Fly – Gnophomyia tristissima

Crane Fly – Tipula (Platytipula) paterifera

Crane Fly – Tipula bicornis

Crane Fly – Tipula dorsimacula

Crane Fly – Tipula furca

Crane Fly – Tipula submaculata

Deer Fly – Chrysops callidus

Deer Fly – Chrysops calvus

Drain Fly / Moth Fly – Clogmia albipunctata

Dryomyzid Fly – Dryomyza sp

Dung Flies – Family Scathophagidae

Family Asilidae – Robber Flies

Family Bombyliidae – Bee Flies

Family Calliphoridae – Blow, Bottle, Cluster Flies

Family Conopidae: Thick-Headed Flies

Family Syrphidae – Toxomerus species

Family Syrphidae: Hover Flies, Flower Flies

Family Tabanidae – Horse and Deer Flies

Family Tachinidae – Tachinid Flies

Family Tephritidae – Fruit Flies

Flesh Fly – Bellieria sp

Flesh Fly – Sarcophaga sp.

Flies of North America – Orphan Species

Fruit Fly – Euaresta aequalis

Fruit Fly – Procecidochares atra

Giant Robber Fly – Promachus sp.

Golden Syrphid Fly – Caliprobola pulchra

Heleomyzid Fly – Suillia sp.

Horse Fly – Hybomitra sp.

Horse Fly – Stonemyia tranquilla

Horse Fly – Tabanus sulcifrons

Hover Fly – Metasyrphus americanus

Hybotid Dance Fly – Platypalpus sp.

Inland Floodwater Mosquito – Aedes vexans

Long-Legged Fly – Dolichopus sp.

Long-Tailed Dance Fly – Rhamphomyia longicauda

Longlegged Fly – Condylostylus species

March Fly – Dilopus sp.

Marsh Flies – Family Sciomyzidae

Midge – Family Chironomidae

Mosquitoes: A Rogue’s Gallery

Ornate Snipe Fly – Chrysolpolis ornatus

Picture Winged Fly – Callopistromyia strigula

Picture-winged Fly – Delphinia picta

Picture-winged Fly – Tritoxa incurva

Robber Fly – Cerotainia albipilosa

Robber Fly – Dioctria hyalipennis

Robber Fly – Efferia aestuans

Robber Fly – Holcocephala abdominalis

Robber Fly – Laphria canis

Robber Fly – Laphria flavicollis

Robber Fly – Laphria grossa

Robber Fly – Laphria index

Robber Fly – Laphria sericea

Robber Fly – Laphria thoracica

Robber Fly – Leptogaster sp.

Robber Fly – Tolmerus species

Root Maggot Fly – Family Anthomyiidae

Rust Fly – Loxocera cylindrica

Signal Flies – Family Platystomatidae

Snipe Fly – Chrysopilus sp.

Snipe Fly – Rhagio mystaceus

Soldier Fly – Actina viridis

Soldier Fly – Nemotelus kansensis

Soldier Fly – Sargus decorus

Soldier Fly – Stratiomys barbata

Stable Fly – Stomoxys calcitrans

Stilt-legged Fly – Family Micropezidae

Sunflower Maggot Fly – Strauzia longipennis

Syrphid Fly – Eristalis anthophorina

Syrphid Fly – Eristalis arbustorum

Syrphid Fly – Eristalis sp.

Syrphid Fly – Helophilus sp.

Syrphid Fly – Mallota sp.

Syrphid Fly – Sericomyia lata

Syrphid Fly – Spilomyia fusca

Syrphid Fly – Spilomyia longicornis

Syrphid Fly – Syritta pipiens

Syrphid Fly – Temnostoma sp.

Syrphid Fly – Toxomerus politus

Syrphid Fly – Tropidia quadrata

Syrphid Fly – Volucella bombylans

Tachinid Flies – Peleteria species

Tachinid Fly – Adejeania vexatrix

Tachinid Fly – Archytas sp.

Tachinid Fly – Cylindromyia sp.

Tachinid Fly – Gymnocheta sp.

Tachinid Fly – Gymnoclytia sp.

Tachinid Fly – Gymnosoma fuliginosa

Tachinid Fly – Juriniopsis sp.

Tachinid Fly – Trichopoda pennipes

Tachinid Fly – Hystricia abrupta

Thick-Headed Fly – Physocephala furcillata

Transverse Flower Fly – Eristalis transversa

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