Soldier Fly – Actina viridis

Soldier Fly – Actina viridis

Dictynid Spider & soldier fly prey

Family Dictynidae: Mesh-Web Weaver Spider – Dictyna sp.

Flies in the family Stratiomyidae are commonly called soldier flies (after Greek stratiotes, soldier, referring to the abdominal markings resembling military uniform hash marks). Stratiomyids range worldwide on every continent, save Antarctica, in 400 genera containing ~1500 species [1].

Ranging from 3 to 28mm long, adults are almost always found on flowers, where they use their jointed proboscis to suck nectar to fuel their amorous activities.

Dictynid Spider & soldier fly prey

The type genus of the family, Dictyna is of world-wide distribution

Spiders in the family Dictynidae are small, sedentary (that is, they build a web and stay in one place) arachnids that build irregular mesh webs to snare prey, and as shelters for themselves.


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