Root Maggot Fly

Root Maggot Fly – Family Anthomyiidae

Root Maggot FlyThe family name comes from the Greek “anthos” (flower) + “myia” (fly). Adult flies in this family feed on nectar and pollen, and larvae (maggots) feed on flower roots, or decaying organic matter.

color photo Root Maggot Fly on crocus flowers

The Anthomyiidae (412 North American species) are medium-sized nondescript flies that are taken in large numbers in Old Field sweeps.

Adult root maggot flies are important flower pollinatorsAdult root maggot flies are important flower pollinators

crocus flowersCrocus is the generic name of hardy, corm-forming herbs belonging to the iris family, Iridaceae.

The genus comprises about 80 species originally native to the Mediterranean region and to Southwest Asia.

Adult male root maggot fly on crocus flower

Adult male on crocus flower. These flies are some of the earliest spring insects.

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