Marsh Flies – Family Sciomyzidae

Marsh Flies – Family Sciomyzidae

color photo marsh fly with red eyesMarsh Fly Tetanocera

Marsh flies are generally slender, yellowish or brownish, 1/4 – 1/2″ long. They have fairly prominent eyes, prominent forward-pointing antennae, and bristles on the femora (upper hind leg). The wings are mottled with various light brown markings according to species. Marsh flies are common along the edges of ponds and rivers, and in marshy areas where the larvae prey on or become parasites of slugs & snails.

color photo marsh fly

Very early spring marsh fly at West Chicago Prairie, DuPage County, Illinois

These charming little flies are sometimes called “snail-killers” because their eggs are laid on, and the larvae parasitize snails, slugs, other mollusks, and crustaceans.

color photo marsh fly sepedon

Sepedon species

Habitat: Near ponds, streams, marshes. Range: Throughout North America. Food: Adults drink dew, nectar, and tree sap.

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