Tachinid Fly – Juriniopsis sp.

Tachinid Fly – Juriniopsis adusta

Juriniopsis tachinid flyLive Tachinid flies photographed in the wild at DuPage County, Illinois. Size: 15mm.

I’m always pleased to find a large tachinid to stalk because they are almost always fooling around with flowers. In spite of their relatively large size and ungainly appearance, Tachinids can be extremely quick and erratic flyers. It’s a challenge to follow their frenetic feeding activities.

Flies are prevalent in virtually all habitats, with over 16,000 species in North America. Flies can be distinguished from all other insects in that they only have one pair of normal wings. Most flies have compound eyes and mouthparts adapted for piercing, lapping or sucking fluids.

Tachinid Fly - Juriniopsis sp.

Family Tachinidae is the second largest amongst all the diverse families of Diptera (two-winged true flies). Recent science shows over 10,000 species worldwide.

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