Seven-spotted Ladybug

Seven-spotted Ladybug – Coccinella septempunctata

Seven-spotted Ladybug attacks red aphid

Family Coccinellidae – Lady Beetles
Live adult beetles and larvae photographed at Winfield, Illinois, USA.

Seven-spotted Ladybug and aphid colonyA whole host of predators were happily munching away at members of this red aphid colony one day.

Coccinella septempunctata, the seven-spotted ladybug, sometimes called “C-7” is a European species that was introduced into the US to aid in managing some aphid pests.
spotless lady beetle with remains of aphid mealThe gals are pretty thorough at devouring the hapless aphids. Too bad there are so many aphids and so few lady bugs these days.Seven-spotted Lady bug larva attacks aphid colony

Ladybird beetle larva has captured an aphid. Ouch!

The green lacewing larva below is on its way to the aphid buffet.

Between the aphid lions and lady bugs, you would think aphids could devise a defense – but their defense is in numbers.

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