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Photographing insects is like browsing garage sales on a Sunday afternoon, except nearly every day you can come home with stuff that would make the appraisers on Antiques Road Show wet their knickers. I originally started photographing live insects back in the late 1970’s, using a Nikon FM film camera. Film and processing costs eventually forced me to abandon my pursuit, however. With the advent of digital cameras capable of images of 3 megapixels or so, I realized there was a way to enjoy my old hobby again, with each image virtually free. I now take 20,000 + insect photos each season. I love being out in the field, and I enjoy learning about these amazingly complex and beautiful creatures. It’s the greatest free show on earth!

There is an incredible amount of beauty in the natural world. I’ve been surprised and stunned many times after coming home and downloading the camera to find out a spider or fly or damselfly has colors or structures I never imagined existed in nature. It’s like looking through a microscope or telescope for the first time; you will see things you’d otherwise never encounter in everyday life.

“There is as much to be discovered and to astonish in magnifying an insect as a star.”—Thaddeus William Harris

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The New Naturalist Series, Patridge Edition

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Howard Hughes Medical Institute Biointeractive
“Exploring Biodiversity – The Search for New Medicines”

The Humane Society of the United States
Insectes (magazine) OPIE – Office Pour Les Insectes Et Leur Evironement (France)

Kaufman Field Guide to Insects of North America (Houghton Mifflin, 2007)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
McDougal-Littell Publishers

Montana State University – Bozeman
My Tin Can Productions (UK)
The National Audubon Society


National Science Resources Center / Smithsonian  Institution
National Wildlife Federation: Wildlife Magazine
National Wildlife Federation Field Guide to Insects and Spiders & Related Species of North America (Sterling, 2007).

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The Oregonian (Newspaper)
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Pennsylvania Integrated Pest Management — Penn State University

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Explore over 2,000 large format pictures of trees in more than 400 species. Our extensive catalog contains the largest catalog of flowering crabapples on the net – over 40 varieties, in flower. Find extensive descriptions and landscape planning information. Leaves, foliage, bark detailed in pictures.