Beetles of North America Index

Beetles of North America Index
Beetles are the dominant form of life on earth: one of every five living species is a beetle,
and one fourth of all animals are beetles.
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Acorn Weevil – Curculio sp.05/14/2015
Asian Longhorned Beetle – Anoplophora glabripennis05/14/2015
Beetles of North America Index05/14/2015
Black Blister Beetle – Epicauta pennsylvanica05/14/2015
Blister Beetle – Lytta aenea05/14/2015
Blister Beetle – Megetra sp.05/14/2015
Boll Weevil – Anthonomus grandis grandis05/14/2015
Bombardier Beetle – Brachinus medius05/14/2015
Brown Fruit Chafer – Euphoria inda05/14/2015
Buprestid Beetle – Agrilus cyanescens05/14/2015
Buprestid Beetle – Agrilus lecontei05/14/2015
Casebearing Leaf Beetle – Saxinis sp.05/14/2015
Checkered Beetle, Clerid Beetle05/14/2015
Clay-colored Leaf Beetle – Anomoea laticlavia05/14/2015
Click Beetle – Ampedus sp.05/14/2015
Click Beetle – Ctenicera cylindriformis05/14/2015
Click Beetle – Sylvanelater cylindriformis05/14/2015
Click Beetles – Dalopius sp. and Ampedus sp.05/14/2015
Delta Flower Scarab – Trigonopeltastes delta05/14/2015
Dogbane Leaf Beetle – Chrysochus auratus05/14/2015
Dogwood Twig Borer Beetle – Oberea tripunctata05/14/2015
Dung Beetle – Copris fricator05/14/2015
Eger's Earth Boring Beetle – Geotrupes egeriei05/14/2015
End Band Net-Wing Beetle – Calopteron terminale05/14/2015
Eyed Click Beetle – Alaus oculatus05/14/2015
Family Carabidae – Ground Beetles and Tiger Beetles05/14/2015
Family Cerambycidae – Longhorned Beetles05/14/2015
Family Chrysomelidae – Leaf Beetles05/14/2015
Family Coccinellidae – Ladybugs, Lady Beetles, and Ladybirds05/14/2015
Family Meloidae – Blister Beetles05/14/2015
Family Scarabidae – Scarab Beetles05/14/2015
Fiery Searcher Beetle – Calosoma scrutator05/14/2015
Fire-colored Beetle – Pedilus lugubris05/14/2015
Firefly – Photuris and Photinus species05/14/2015
Flower Longhorn Beetle – Brachysomida bivittata05/14/2015
Flower Longhorn Beetle – Typocerus velutinus05/14/2015
Gold and Brown Rove Beetle – Ontholestes cingulatus05/14/2015
Grapevine Beetle – Pelidnota punctata05/14/2015
Green Immigrant Leaf Weevil – Polydrusus sericeus05/14/2015
Ground Beetle – Calleida punctata05/14/2015
Ground Beetle – Scarites sp.05/14/2015
Ground Beetles – Family Carabidae05/14/2015
Hairy Flower Chafer Beetle – Trichiotinus piger05/14/2015
Head-clipping Weevil – Haplorhynchites aeneus05/14/2015
Japanese Beetle – Popillia japonica05/14/2015
Lady Beetle Larva and Pupa – Harmonia axyridis05/14/2015
Ladybug Beetles – Coleoptera Family Coccinellidae05/14/2015
Leaf Beetle – Calligrapha sp.05/14/2015
Leaf Beetle – Odontota dorsalis05/14/2015
Leaf Beetle – Trirhabda virgata05/14/2015
Leaf Beetles – Sumitrosis rosea05/14/2015
Locust Borer Beetle – Megacylene robiniae05/14/2015
Longhorn Beetle – Batyle suturalis05/14/2015
Longhorn Beetle – Brachyleptura rubrica05/14/2015
Longhorn Beetle – Neandra brunnea05/14/2015
Longhorn Beetle – Necydalis melita05/14/2015
Longhorned Beetle – Cyrtophorus verrucosus05/14/2015
Mildew-eating Lady Beetle05/14/2015
Milkweed Leaf Beetle – Labidomera clivicollis05/14/2015
Minnesotan Longhorned Beetle – Trigonarthris minnesotana05/14/2015
Northern Corn Rootworm Beetle – Diabrotica barberi05/14/2015
Orange Blister Beetle – Zonitis vittigera05/14/2015
Orange-Spotted Lady Beetle – Brachiacantha ursina05/14/2015
Pink-spotted Lady Beetle – Coleomegilla maculata05/14/2015
Red Milkweed Beetle – Tetraopes tetraophthalmus05/14/2015
Red-Shouldered Pine Borer – Stictoleptura canadensis05/14/2015
Seven-Spotted Lady Beetle eats an Aphid05/14/2015
Seven-spotted Ladybug – Coccinella septempunctata05/14/2015
Sexton Beetle – Nicrophorus tomentosus05/14/2015
Six-spotted Green Tiger Beetle – Cicindela sexguttata05/14/2015
Soldier Beetle – Chauliognathus pensylvanicus05/14/2015
Soldier Beetle – Trypherus frisoni05/14/2015
Soldier Beetles – Family Cantharidae05/14/2015
Spotless Ladybug – Cycloneda munda05/14/2015
Spotted Cucumber Beetle / Southern Corn Rootworm Beetle05/14/2015
Stag Beetle – Pseudolucanus capreolus05/14/2015
Tiger Beetle – Cicindela hirtilabris05/14/2015
Tiger Beetle – Cicindela punctulata05/14/2015
Tortoise Beetles – Deloyala clavata / Helocassis clavata and Cassida rubiginosa05/14/2015
Twice-stabbed Lady Beetle – Chilocorus stigma05/14/2015
Variegated Lady Beetle – Hippodamia variegata05/14/2015
Viburnum Leaf Beetle – Pyrrhalta viburni05/14/2015
Weevils – Family Curculionidae05/14/2015
White Beach Tiger Beetle – Cicindela dorsalis media05/14/2015
Whitespotted Sawyer Beetle – Monochamus scutellatus05/14/2015
Yellow-marked Buprestid Beetle – Acmaeodera pulchella05/14/2015
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Order Coleoptera: Beetles are the dominant form of life on earth: one of every five living species is a beetle. Coleoptera is the largest order in the animal kingdom, containing a third of all insect species. There are about 400,000 known species worldwide, ~30,000 of which live in North America.  Beetles live in nearly every habitat, and for every kind of food, there's probably a beetle species that eats it.
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