Family Fagaceae Index – Beech, Chinkapin and Oak

Family Fagaceae Index – Beech, Chinkapin, Oak trees are a symbol of strength and stability; acorns are symbolic of enormous potential in a small package. Here are pictures and information on some of the oldest oak and beech on the planet.

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midwinter beech foliage

Late afternoon sun on midwinter beech foliage can be quite spectacular!
American Beech Tree – Fagus grandifolia 01/29/2015
Bur Oak – Quercus macrocarpa 02/05/2015
Chestnut Oak – Quercus prinus 02/05/2015
Chestnut Tree – Castanea sp. 01/30/2015
Chinquapin Oak / Chinkapin Oak – Quercus muhlenbergii 01/26/2015
Copper Beech – Fagus sylvatica 'Atropunicea' 02/05/2015
Cut-leaved European Beech – Fagus sylvatica var. 'Laciniata' 02/05/2015
Durmast Oak – Quercus petraea 02/05/2015
English Oak – Quercus robur 02/05/2015
European Beech – Fagus sylvatica 01/26/2015
European Beech – Fagus sylvatica var. 'Zlatia' 01/26/2015
Family Fagaceae – Beech, Chinkapin and Oak 02/05/2015
Family Fagaceae Index – Beech, Chinkapin and Oak 02/08/2015
Flowering Plants Index 12/16/2014
Liaotung Oak – Quercus liaotungensis 02/05/2015
Mongolian Oak – Quercus mongolica var. grosseserrata 02/05/2015
Nutall Oak – Quercus nuttallii 02/05/2015
Oriental Beech – Fagus orientalis 01/26/2015
Oriental White Oak – Quercus aliena 02/05/2015
Pin Oak – Quercus palustris 01/13/2015
Red Oak – Quercus rubra 01/30/2015
Scarlet Oak – Quercus coccinea 02/05/2015
Schoch Oak – Quercus X schochiana 02/05/2015
Shumard Oak – Quercus shumardii 02/05/2015
Swamp White Oak – Quercus bicolor 01/26/2015
Tree Encyclopedia 02/05/2015
Tree Encyclopedia Index 02/08/2015
Tree Index for Mobile 02/07/2015
White Oak – Quercus alba 01/30/2015
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Family Fagaceae: Oak, Beech & Chinkapin
There are about 900 species in this family worldwide, about 65 trees and 10 shrubs of which are native to North America. Native to the northern hemisphere, the oak genus Quercus contains about 600 species, including both deciduous and evergreen species.
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