Bearded Maple

Bearded Maple – Acer barbinerve

bearded maple fall foliagePubescent veins on the undersides of leaves; Also called hairy-veined or ussuri maple.

Hairy-veined Maple HabitHairy-veined Maple – Acer barbinerve

Hairy-veined Maple foliageChinese: 髭脉槭 cu mao feng

Native: ASIA-TEMPERATE; Russian Far East: Russian Federation – Primorye China: China – Gansu [s.e.], Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning, Shaanxi;  Eastern Asia: Korea [3]. “Shrubs or small, multistemmed trees, to 7 m tall, dioecious. Bark grayish yellow or grayish brown, smooth. Young branchlets puberulent, becoming nearly glabrous and dull reddish brown in second year; bud scales 2 pairs. Leaves deciduous; petiole 4-6 cm, slender, puberulent when young, glabrescent. (For words like that, you should pay me.)

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