Chinese Hard Pine

Chinese Hard Pine – Pinus tabulaeformis

Family Pinaceae: Pine, Cedar, Spruce, Fir
Chinese pine is one of the most important forest and ornamental species in China.

Chinese Hard Pine

Chinese hard pine grows in a large pyramidal form, and its outstanding long needles, small cones, and cream-colored pistils add winter interest, making for a good specimen planting in all types of landscapes. Dense growh habit and large size also makes a good windbreak or privacy screen.

Leaf: 3 to 4″ straight, stiff, dark green needles in bundles of 5; dark green on top and grayish green on underside. 3 to 6″ cylindrical cones; single or cluster of 3 to 4.

Chinese Hard Pine - Pinus tabulaeformis

Morton Arboretum accession 181-83*5, from seed, is 25 years old

Chinese Hard Pine male

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