Vagabond Crambus Moth

Vagabond Crambus Moth – Agriphila vulgivagella

Vagabond Crambus Moth dorsal view

Family Crambidae contains about 850 species in 9 subfamilies in North America, and about 11,630 described species in 15 subfamilies in the world [1]. Formerly classified as a subfamily of Pyralidae, the snout moths include many important agricultural pest species:

  • Grape leaf-folder: Larvae are leaf-tiers and pests in Napa and Sonoma vinyards in California.
  • Sod Webworm:  Larvae of  N. American native moths in the genus Crambus are serious pests of lawns and especially golf courses.
  • Sugar Cane Borer:  Crop pest in sugar cane, sorghum, rice, and other grasses
  • Southwestern corn borer: Serious pest in numerous crops; Corn, sorghum, millet, sugar cane and other field crops. [2]

Vagabond Crambus Moth - Agriphila vulgivagella


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