Twirler Moth – Dichomeris ligulella

Twirler Moth – Dichomeris ligulella [1]
Family Gelechiidae
Hodges#2281. Commonly called Palmerworm moth.
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Twirler moths comprise 886 species in 92 genera.
Twirler Moth - Arla tenuicornis
Twirler moths and their larvae can be serious agricultural pests. One such species, Tecia solanivora, commonly known as the Guatemalan potato moth, was introduced to Costa Rica in 1970 in a shipment of potatoes. It expanded throughout the potato-growing region in Costa Rica and Central America, causing major damage. [2]

Twirler Moth - Arla tenuicornis
This tiny (8mm) moth is one of the thousands of species of moths living in forest leaf litter.


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Order Lepidoptera: Moths. Unlike the butterflies, moths are usually nocturnal. Many moths and their caterpillars are major agricultural pests in large parts of the world. Moths in the family Tineidae are commonly regarded as pests because their larvae eat fabrics, clothes and blankets made from natural fibers such as wool or silk. Moths in the genus Farinalis feed on stored grain, flour, corn meal and other milled grain products.
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