Green Cloverworm Moth – Hypena scabra

Green Cloverworm Moth – Hypena scabra Hodges #8465
Family Erebidae / Subfamily Hypeninae
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Live adult moths photographed at northern Illinois, USA.

Green Cloverworm Moth

Subfamily Hypeninae comprises 29 species in 2 genera formerly placed in Noctuidae . The green cloverworm adult shown here is one of 29 species in this genus [1, 2].  Size as shown = 20mm
Green cloverworm larvae feed on many legumes, inluding clover, alfalfa, beans, peas, as well as locust trees and wisteria. Adults fly from March to November in the north, year-round in the south in fields, forest edges and gardens east of the Rocky Mtns. [3]

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Order Lepidoptera: Moths. Unlike the butterflies, moths are usually nocturnal. Many moths and their caterpillars are major agricultural pests in large parts of the world. Moths in the family Tineidae are commonly regarded as pests because their larvae eat fabrics, clothes and blankets made from natural fibers such as wool or silk. Moths in the genus Farinalis feed on stored grain, flour, corn meal and other milled grain products.
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