Eastern Grass-veneer Moth

Eastern Grass -Veneer Moth – Crambus laqueatellus

eastern grass-veneer moth

This is an other-worldly-looking creature, isn’t it? Have you ever seen anything like this? Neither had I. Moth is in goblin mode.

The grass-veneer moth ranges from Ontario and Maine to South Carolina, west to Texas, north to North Dakota. They fly April to September. Larvae feed on grass and moss.

Eastern Grass-Veneer Moth - Crambus laqueatellus

Eastern Grass-veneer Moth, Crambus laqueatellus, Hodges #5378

Live adult moths photographed at DuPage County, Illinois. Size: 12mm. Wingspan: 25mm.

Not much to say about these common snout moths except they are very adept at hiding, under leaves or twigs. They can be very unobtrusive and their camouflage is actually quite effective.



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