Orange-spotted Pyrausta Moth

Orange-spotted Pyrausta Moth – Pyrausta orphisalis

Orange-spotted Pyrausta Moth - Pyrausta orphisalis

Family: Pyralidae
Live adult moth photographed at Winfield, DuPage County Illinois. Size: 10mm

Family Pyralidae: Pyralid snout moths
There are, worldwide, five subfamilies and at least 6,150 species. North America has approximately 565 species in five subfamilies. The Pyralids are agricultural pests; some are leaf tiers or leaf rollers; the majority are borers in stems, seeds, buds, or flowers. Some are wood borers in the cambium layer, others feed on combs in bee hives or on dried plant materials. Many economically important species: Indian meal moth, Clover hay-worm, Zimmerman pine moth, Sunflower head moth, etc.

Orange-spotted Pyrausta Moth

One important Pyralid, the Indian meal moth, Plodia interpunctella, is a very common household pest, feeding principally on stored food products. It has been called the most important pest of stored products that is commonly found in the home or in grocery stores in the United States. The larvae are general feeders, as they can be found in grain products, seeds, dried fruit, dog food, and spices.

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