Beet Webworm Moth

 Beet webworm moth – Spoladea recurvalis

Beet Webworm MothHodges number 5170, the “Hawaiian” beet webworm moth, is the only member of its genus in North America [1]. The moth photographer’s group range map shows it ranging across much of the eastern U.S. and along the southern states to California. It also occurs in Hawaii, Australia, Africa, and SE Asia.  Larvae feed on beets, chard, spinach, and various weeds.

I found this single specimen in my flower gardens in north-central Illinois on October 30th – rather late season. The camouflage on this puppy is superb, and like most moths active in the daytime, their hiding ability is unsurpassed. Once a diurnal moth becomes aware it has been detected, its usual gambit is to either fly away, remain motionless, or to quickly duck under a leaf.

Eastern Grass-Veneer Moth - Crambus laqueatellus

Eastern Grass-Veneer Moth – Crambus laqueatellus

The beet webworm moth is member of the family Crambidae, aka crambid snout moths, which includes about 860 species in North America and over 11,600 worldwide [2]. The eastern grass-veneer moth pictured above is another example of this cosmopolitan family.


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