Dryomyzid Fly – Dryomyza sp.

Dryomyzid Fly – Dryomyza sp.
Diptera Family Dryomyzidae

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Live adult Dryomyzid flies photographed in the wild at Warrenville, Illinois, USA.

Dryomyzid Fly - Dryomyza sp.

Dryomyzidae is a small family of flies ranging from 4-18mm long, with prominent bristles, and yellow to brown coloring. Larvae feed on decaying organic matter; carrion, dung, and fungi.

There are approximately 22 species in 6 genera (with two additional genera known only as fossils). Dryomyzid flies are found principally in the Holarctic though some are found in the Southern Hemisphere. Very little is known of the habits of the adults or immatures but adults are found in moist, shady habits among low-growing vegetation.

Dryomyzid Fly - Dryomyza sp.

Dryomyzid flies are generally found in the moist understory in deciduous forest.


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