Coral Hairstreak - Satyrium titus
Family: Lycaenidae (Gossamer Winged Butterflies) Subfamily: Theclinae (Hairstreaks)
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Live adult butterflies photographed at West Chicago Prairie, DuPage County, Illinois
Coral Hairstreak - Satyrium titus
The Coral Hairstreak is one of a dozen or so very similar butterflies. This is the only hairstreak with that row of coral-colored spots without tails. Life Cycle: Eggs overwinter. Caterpillar covered with fine silken hairs, yellow-green underneath, feeds on wild cherry, plum, and serviceberry. One brood, usually July. Habitat: Meadows and fields, roadsides, brushy clearings.
Coral Hairstreak - Satyrium titus
I found this specimen nectaring on Milkweed, near the West Branch of the DuPage River in Northern Illinois. These butterflies are quite rare here. Similar species: Edward's Hairstreak, Hickory Hairstreak, Striped Hairstreak and Banded Hairstreak.

See also Banded Hairstreak
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