Schoch Oak – Quercus X schochiana

Schoch Oak – Quercus X schochiana  
Family Fagaceae: Oaks & Beeches
Schoch Oak is a hybrid of  Q. palustris
(pin oak) × Q. phellos (willow oak)

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Schoch Oak - Quercus X schochiana
Schoch Oak – Quercus X schochiana
A hybrid of Q. palustris (pin oak) × Q. phellos (willow oak), Schoch oak retains the best features of both. Native populations exist in the American midwest in Illinois, Arkansas et al; where parent trees meet.

Willow oak is a deciduous tree in the red oak group of oaks. It is native to eastern North America from southern New York (Long Island) south to northern Florida, and west to southernmost Illinois and eastern Texas. The Willow oak is one of the most popular trees for horticultural planting, due to its rapid growth, hardiness, light green leaf color and full crown.

Schoch Oak Foliage

Pin oak, also called swamp oak, water oak, and swamp Spanish oak, is a fast-growing, moderately large tree found on bottom lands or moist uplands, often on poorly drained clay soils. Best development is in the Ohio Valley. The wood is hard and heavy and is used in general construction and for firewood. Pin oak transplants well and is tolerant of the many stresses of the urban environment, so has become a favored tree for streets and landscapes.

Schoch Oak Tree
Schoch Oak is 58 years old.

Schoch Oak Bark

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Family Fagaceae: Oak, Beech & Chinkapin
There are about 900 species in this family worldwide, about 65 trees and 10 shrubs of which are native to North America. Native to the northern hemisphere, the oak genus Quercus contains about 600 species, including both deciduous and evergreen species.
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