Winterberry Euonymus – Euonymus bungeanus

Winterberry Euonymus – E. bungeanus
Family Celastraceae – Bittersweets, Spindle Trees.  Also commonly called spindle tree, Manchurian spindle tree, and Bunge's euonymus.

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Manchurian spindle tree foliage

Winterberry Euonymus is native to northern China, Manchuria and Korea.

The genus Euonymus includes about 170 species of deciduous or evergreen shrubs and small trees, sometimes creeping or climbing, native to North and Central America, Europe, Asia, Madagascar, and Australia . The majority of species are native in east Asia from 52° N latitude to the tropics. Because of their attractive fruits and foliage, the euonymus species are planted as ornamentals.

Winterberry Euonymus - Euonymus bungeanus

This winterberry euonymus is 24 years old [4]

Winged spindletree, described by Dirr (1990) as one of the finest landscape plants for American gardens,has brilliant red foliage in the fall (it is commonly known as burning-bush) and prominent corky wings on the stem that add variety to the winter landscape. Euonymus species show a large amount of variability: for example, Dirr listed about 70 cultivars recognized by horticulturists. At least one of these introduced species, European spindletree, has become naturalized; other species do not appear to be as aggressive.

The usually perfect flowers, borne in clusters, bloom in the spring. The fruit, which ripens in late summer or fall, is a 4- to 5-celled (occasionally 2- to 3-celled) capsule that is usually lobed and sometimes winged. [3]

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Family Celastraceae – Bittersweets, Spindle Trees

Celastraceae is a botanical family of 1,300 species of vines, shrubs, and small trees, in about 100 genera.  Celastrus , Euonymus and Maytenus widespread in temperate climates. Tree Encyclopedia | Tree Index | Tiliaceae Index | Plant a tree!