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Ginkgo biloba in many languages
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This ancient tree has been flourishing on Earth for the last 150 million years. Well known for its medicinal properties, here are the names used by various ethnic populations.

SYNONYM(S) :  Ginkgo biloba Siebold & Zucc., Ginkyo biloba Mayr,  Pterophyllus salisburiensis Nelson, Saliburya biloba Hoffmanns., Saliburya biloba Hoffmansegg, Salisburia adiantifolia Sm.

AFRIKAANS :  Vrekboom.

ARABIC :  Mabad ag.

CHINESE :  白果  Bai guo, 银杏  Yin xing, 銀杏  (Taiwan).

CZECH :  Jinan dvoulalocný.

DANISH :  Tempeltræ.

DUTCH :  Japanse notenboom, Tempelboom, Waaierboom.

ENGLISH :  Common ginkgo, Fossil tree, Gingko, Ginkgo, Maidenhair tree.

FINNISH :  Neidonhiuspuu,  Temppelipuu.

FRENCH :  Arbre aux mille écus, Arbre aux quarante écus ,  Arbre fossile, Arbre sacré des temples d'Asie, Noyer du Japon.

GERMAN :  Chinesischer Tempelbaum, Elefantenohrbaum, Entenfußbaum, Fächerbaum, Fächerblattbaum, Frauenhaarbaum, Ginkgo, Ginkgobaum, Goethebaum, Goldfruchtbaum, Großvater-Enkel-Baum,  Japanischer Nußbaum, Japanischer Tempelbaum, Mädchenhaarbaum, Silberaprikose, Silberpflaume, Tempelbaum, Weiße Frucht .

GREEK :  Γιγκο  Gigko,  Γινγκο   Gingko,  Γκίνγκο   Gkingko.

HEBREW :   גינקו דו-אונתי  .

HINDI :  Balkuwari.

HUNGARIAN :  Páfrányfenyõ.

ICELANDIC :  Musteristré, Musterisviður.

ITALIAN :   Ginko

Ginkgo biloba – See our pages for more pictures and detailed information.

JAPANESE :  イチョウ   Ichou,  ギンキョウ Gin kyo,   銀杏  Gin kyo.

KOREAN :  은행나무    Eun-haeng-na-mu,  행자목  Haeng-ja-mok.

POLISH :   MiÅ‚orzÄ…b chiÅ„ski, MiÅ‚orzÄ…b dwudzielny, MiÅ‚orzÄ…b dwuklapowy, MiÅ‚orzÄ…b japoÅ„ski . 

PORTUGUESE :  Nogueira-do-Japão.

RUSSIAN :  Гинкго билоба , Гинкго двудольной , Гинкго двухло́пастный.

SPANISH :  Árbol de oro, Árbol de las pagodas, Árbol de los cuarenta escudos, Árbol de los escudos, Gingo.

SWEDISH :  Tempelträd..

TURKISH :  Fosil aÄŸacı,  Ginkgo aÄŸacının, Japon eriÄŸi, Japon eriÄŸi olarak bilinir, Mabet aÄŸacı.

Ginkgo biloba L. forma epiphylla Makino

SYNONYM(S) :   Ginkgo biloba L. var. epiphylla Makino

ENGLISH :  Ginkgo, epiphyllous form.

GERMAN :  Ginkgobaum, Weibliche Form.
JAPANESE :  オハツキイチョウ   O hatsuki  ichou.

Ginkgo biloba L. forma fastigiata hort.

SYNONYM(S) :   Ginkgo biloba L.   'Fastigiata'

ENGLISH :  Upright ginkgo.

KOREAN :   은행나무 '패스티기아타' .

Ginkgo biloba L. forma laciniata hort.

Ginkgo biloba L. var. laciniata hort.

ENGLISH :  Laciniated leaf ginkgo.

JAPANESE :   キレハイチョウ   Kireha  ichou.

Ginkgo biloba L.  forma pendula (Van Geert) Beissn.

SYNONYM(S) :  Ginkgo biloba L.  ' Pendula ', Ginkgo biloba L. var. pendula hort.

ENGLISH :  Pendulous ginkgo, Weeping ginkgo.

JAPANESE :   シダレイチョウ   Shidare ichou.

KOREAN :   은행나무 '펜듈라'  .

ENGLISH :  Variegated ginkgo.

JAPANESE : フイリイチョウ   Wairi ichou.

Ginkgo biloba L. forma variegata (Carrière) Beissn. 'Goldstripe'

ENGLISH :  Gold-striped-leaved ginkgo, Variegated ginkgo 'Gold Stripe'.

KOREAN :  은행나무  '골드스트라이프' .

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