Holiday Gold Crabapple - Malus 'Hozam'  
Family Rosaceae - Rose Family; Fruit Trees

Holiday Gold is well known for disease resistance. Cultivar is named for its golden fruit.
Holiday Gold Crabapple blossoms
HOLIDAY GOLD ('Hozam') is an open-rounded, yellow-fruited crabapple tree that typically matures to 18’ tall and spreads to 14’ wide. It is noted for its white flowers, yellow fruit and good disease resistance. Pink buds open in spring to fragrant white flowers. Flowers are followed by yellow crabapples, usually blushed with rose, that hang in clusters along the branches. Fruits mature in fall and  provide showy winter interest.
Holiday Gold Crabapple
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Family Rosaceae - Rose Family; Fruit Trees Many of these plants are of vital economic importance. The Rosaceae contain a great number of fruit trees of temperate regions, the fruit of which contain vitamins, acids, and sugars and can be used both raw and for making preserves, jam, jelly, candy, wine, brandy, cider and other beverages.
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