Tapestry Rhododendron
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Tapestry is one of the famed Weston Hybrids
Hardiness: USDA 5 - 8 / Partial Shade / Moist Soil / can grow to 4 feet tall
'Tapestry' is a "lepidote", that is, an early blooming rhododendron with tiny scales on the underside of the leaves. [1] It is so easily grown it has become a standard choice for planting in less than ideal garden conditions. However, a careful balance of full sun and dappled shade (about 50-50) appears to be critical to a good proportion of leaves to blooms. Deadheading may encourage another period of blooming in late summer or early fall.

The Mezitt family, of Weston Nurseries at Hopkinton, Massachusetts, is responsible for a number of hardy rhododendron varieties. They have been breeding the plants for three generations, beginning in 1939. Some famous hybrids developed at the Weston Nursery include 'Blue Baron', the 'Tapestry' pictured here, 'Checkmate', 'Midnight Ruby', 'Red Quest', 'Cornell Pink', 'April Snow', 'April Cloud', 'Summer Peppermint', 'Mayflower', and 'Starry Night'. [2]

Tapestry Rhododendron Flowers
Calsap Rhododendron
Calsap Rhododendron
Girard's Fuschia Azalea
Girard's Fuschia Azalea
'Weston's Mayflower' Rhododendron
Weston's Mayflower
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Hong Kong Rhododendron
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